maintaining a clean home

Maintaining A Clean Home

We take a lot of precautions to keep our homes secure. We build up fences, install security systems, and lock our windows and doors. But did you realize that maintaining a clean home is just as crucial to keeping your family safe?

It is real! You see, with time, bacteria, dust, allergens, and other unpleasant things start to build up because the majority of people don’t have the time to thoroughly clean the entire house every day. Your “safe spot” could become a toxic setting as a result. Additionally, your home needs to be in excellent condition because more individuals these days work from home.

So how can you tell if your surroundings are toxic? Here are six warning indicators and professional tips for maintaining a clean and healthy home.

Allergy Season Never Ends

Although allergy season usually lasts from February to May, if you live in a toxic environment, it may feel like allergy season all year long. Coughing, sneezing, irritated eyes, noses, and throats throughout the year are all indications that your home isn’t effectively removing dangerous allergens.

There are two effective solutions for this. You must first clean your air ducts. Pollutants are eliminated by clean air ducts while being trapped by unclean ones. It is advised that you have your air ducts cleaned every 5-8 years and replace your air vent filters every 6-12 months. This is an aspect of housekeeping that is frequently disregarded.

Your carpet may also contribute to the feeling that allergy season is perpetual in your home. Cleaning your carpet at home is like investing in a high-end air filter. This is because a clean carpet in the house keeps pollutants and allergens from rising into the air.

Having a professional carpet cleaner fully wash and extract using potent cleaning solutions is the only method to get rid of all those unwanted contaminants ensnared deep inside the carpet fibers.

You can also buy an air purifier, but they cost a lot of money if you want a very good one.

There is a Remaining, Disgusting Smell.

We’ve all had the unpleasant sensation of opening the refrigerator to a strong stink. We start by looking for the offender before throwing away or cleaning whatever it is. The same action should be taken if there is a bad smell in your house.

This isn’t always simple because it’s typical to develop nasal blindness to persistent odors. However, if you are aware of it, you must deal with it because it is not only unsightly but also unhealthy. Simple things like stale food that has landed beneath the sofa or behind the stove could be the cause (especially if you have little ones).

Or it could be something that needs more effort, such as having soiled or outdated furniture, carpeting, or pets. If pets are the cause of the stink, you should create a more effective cleaning schedule and spend money on a quality disinfectant spray to eliminate the smell and keep your home clean and fresh.

If your carpets are the source of the odor, you must choose whether to replace them with tile, hardwood, or laminate or contact a cleaning service. The best way to get rid of odors that linger in your home is to keep your carpet clean.

Similar to the carpet, if the stench is coming from your upholstery, you’ll probably need to call a professional upholstery cleaner to eliminate the odor and restore your couch or sofa to its former splendor.

Critters Are Always Around

Nothing is worse than having pests live inside your house. Having creepy crawlers makes you want to clean the entire house, but it’s not a guarantee that you’re not maintaining cleanliness. Despite your greatest cleaning efforts, living in a humid environment or a wooded location can contribute to this. You should hire a pest control service in these circumstances.

It may indicate that you live in a hazardous environment if you never had a bug problem before and now find them everywhere. So, how can you rid your house of the icky critters? Find out what kinds of pests are infesting your home and what draws them in first.

The majority of insects are drawn to organic material (food) and damp conditions. Therefore, keep an eye out for those items when you begin to clean your home or apartment. Once the problem has been resolved, you’ll need a reputable pest control service (or pest control treatments) to prevent them from reappearing.

Last but not least, understand when insects are most active in your area. In the spring, ants enjoy entering buildings. When it’s hot outdoors, flies are constantly searching for a cool location to congregate, and centipedes, slugs, and cockroaches all prefer warm, moist environments.

Your Family is Constantly Sick

Does it seem like your family is battling an illness every other week, from the flu to stomach viruses? If you answered affirmatively, it can mean that your surroundings are harmful. Your home’s poor circulation, inefficient disinfection techniques, or a mix of the two may be the issue.

When it comes to enhancing the air quality in your home, you have a few alternatives. After giving your entire home a thorough cleaning, you can buy an air purifier. A decent purifier might cost up to $500. Leave your windows open for about 10-15 minutes each day if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. This facilitates the removal of dangerous airborne germs.

You must get a reliable disinfectant and carefully study the guidelines in order to implement a more comprehensive disinfection approach, right? This is because the majority of disinfectant sprays only function after being allowed to sit on a surface for a short period of time. The directions on the back of the bottle list the contact time, which is what it is called.

Last but not least, we already stated how clean carpets may purify the air. Maintaining a clean home carpet contributes to a healthy indoor environment.

When you’re ready to clean the house, focus on high touch points like cabinet doors, refrigerator/microwave handles, light switches, and doorknobs.

In Conclusion

It takes a lot of work to keep your house clean, and the work gets even more difficult if you have a large family. So, if your house meets any of these descriptions, don’t feel bad about it. But before the problem gets worse than it already is, it’s best to address it fast.

Start by focusing on one room at a time, or designate a day for you and your family to thoroughly clean the house. Hire a professional cleaning if you’re too busy or the prospect of it makes you feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re unwell all the time.

Get started right away since maintaining a clean home is the key to a safe home.