Decluttering Tips to Make Cleaning Easier

Are you surprised how much stuff you have every time you clean? Do you often lose things and then find them tucked under a box in the garage or underneath your bed behind piles of random junk? Is it getting harder and harder to find places to store things? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to declutter and organize.
Having to declutter and organize is a daunting and time-consuming task, but the results are worth it. Matter of fact, many studies suggest that clutter is damaging to your physical and mental health. Additionally, too much clutter can be a safety hazard for your and your family.
It can be hard to let things go, but from less stress to a cleaner and brighter space, when you declutter your home, you change your life in ways you could never have imagined. Not only that, decluttering actually makes it easier to clean. Here are 5 ways taking the time to declutter achieves this.

Decluttering means fewer things to move around

When cleaning, it’s important to not just clean the areas you can see, but also the areas you can’t see – like the counter space behind the jars and appliances or the floor under the couch. Well, when you have a ton of stuff crowding your space, there are more things to move around and clean.
Unless you’re one of those rare people who actually enjoys cleaning, having to move a bunch of stuff out of the way before you start only adds to the stress of cleaning. So, take the time to declutter. You’ll cut back on the time it takes to clean, leaving you more time to do the things you love.

Decluttering prevents mold, mildew, dust, and creepy crawlers

Mold and creepy crawlers love hiding in dark spaces. Matter of fact, they thrive in places like that. The more clutter you have, the more likely it is that you’ll end up with bugs, mold, and mildew. This is unsanitary and can leave your home with a foul odor. Also, the more knickknacks you possess, the more space you create for dirt to thrive, not to mention places for you to clean.
Take the time to declutter your home by going through all those boxes and random knick-knacks and getting rid of stuff you don’t need. You can trash anything that’s damaged or take it to Goodwill. Doing this will not only leave you looking and feeling fresh and clean, but it’ll also be more sanitary for you and your family.

Decluttering makes cleaning less stressful

Just the sight of clutter in your home is enough to instantly make you stressed. It’s a constant reminder of things you should be getting done or tending to and it makes it difficult to start the task of cleaning when you have piles of stuff taunting you, knowing how much work it’s going to take when eventually you have to deal with them.
It can also be stressful to always be searching for things you need. Or even worse…. losing them entirely. In short… less stuff = less stress! Getting rid of stuff can be difficult, especially if you’re a sentimental person. But, taking the time to declutter doesn’t always mean you junk the items you hold dear.
If you have the means and you simply can’t part with some of your items, rent a storage unit, and store those items until you either get a bigger space or build up the courage to get rid of them.

Decluttering makes it easier to focus so you clean faster

Most people find that their best work is usually done in a clean and clutter-free environment. Well, there’s a reason for that! Clutter can actually cause you to lose focus on things that you’re doing. This is because your brain likes to be organized. If you’re seeing a lot of things out of place and clutter lying around, you will find it a lot harder to focus, making cleaning more time-consuming.
Additionally, clutter bombards our minds with way too many stimuli, which causes our senses to focus on things that aren’t necessarily important. So, when you pull out the mop bucket, gloves, and other cleaning supplies and are ready to get work done, but see a pile of boxes of knick-knacks in the corner of your eye, your brain is going to have to work overtime to focus on the task at hand because it’s being bombarded by the physical clutter nearby.
Taking the time to declutter and organize your home helps you clean fast and clear out your mind too!

Decluttering makes it easy to locate and keep track of your things

It’s hard enough keeping track of your things in a clutter-free home. This issue is only exasperated when there’s clutter everywhere. If you don’t go through your clutter on a regular basis, you may be importing undesired items into your house, which might hinder or halt your progress in certain cases. Additionally, not finding what you need fast can interfere with cleaning.
If you have kids, this issue can reach critical levels since kids are already prone to putting things where they don’t belong. You don’t need the stress of your child crying because he or she can’t find their favorite toy or blanket.
Take the time to declutter and organize your home, so you’re not constantly looking for things and can focus on the task at hand.

In conclusion

54% of Americans are overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have, but 78% have no idea what to do with it or find it too complicated to deal with so they let it build up, taking over their homes and offices.
So, if you think you’re alone, think again. If getting rid of things is a real problem for you, there are services available that can help you if the task is too overwhelming. Decluttr, is one such service and can help you reclaim your home.
You can also reach out to friends and family that you trust to help you on your journey to living a clutter-free life.
More than just making cleaning easier, decluttering makes your life easier and should be at the top of your to-do list. You won’t regret that you decided to do it!